Monday, March 29, 2010

To be a Lycan in Dark City

Hello Everyone,

Some of you know that I have an alt that I use in Dark City. This fellows name is Wolfbane Footpad and he is a lycan. For those who are not into horror/sci if, a lycan in most cases is a werewolf. Yep, like in the the Anita Blake novels and Twilight New Moon. Wolfbane has three forms, human, quadruped wolf and garou which is the typical wolfman type that would find in UnderWorld: Rise of the Lycans. I really like Wolf as he is somewhat like the original BlackJack, without being a mass killer. Well, except during the full moon, then you come near him at your peril. Wolf is currently an initiate in the Perigord, which is the name of the Lycan Pack in Dark City. As an initiate Wolf is considered part of the pack, but on a trial basis. He is watched to see how he acts and reacts, does he defend the Pack or is he, as Dio would say, a feckless idiot. Fortunately he is not feckless.

Coming into a new sim is never easy. People, being people, are not always very outgoing and actually can be quite clannish. You really find that in sims like Dark City where you have different races (lycans, vampires, demons, nekos, etc). These various races are all set against the other, except to make alliances of convenience. So breaking into the rp can be a bit of a problem. When I first sent Wolfbane, he was pretty much ignored by most in the sim. Then I got smart and applied to join the lycan group. They took Wolf in and he got the opportunity to join in the monthly full moon hunt. But still most others in the sim would still ignore Wolf. So what to do? Get a major confrontation going.

There was another new lycan in the Pack, a female named LadySnow Fang. In her rp storyline she is mated to a demon. The Pack is not at all friendly with the demons, so her mating with one was frowned upon. Wolf decided to pursue LadySnow and persuade her to leave her demon lover and become his mate. As you can imagine her lover was not happy and her father even less so. The situation becomes even more complex when Wolf is accused of raping LadySnow. This resulted in a fight of three demons against Wolfbane, which was played out in RP rather than meter. Wolfbane of course lost that fight as one lycan could not hope to defeat three demons. Though all three were wounded, a lycan is not to be trifled with :) . Now I mentioned that Wolf was charged with rape. That was not true, and when confronted by the pack Ulfric LadySnow admitted that no rape occurred. The conflict is not over yet. The residents of the City have been taking sides in this, either congratulating him for being an honorable warrior or threatening Wolf for hurting friend and family.

The result of this RP storyline, which is still ongoing as Wolf was ambushed last night, was exactly what the typist wanted. Namely opening the doors to the sim and having some fun. Which after all is the whole point of Second Life for me.

You will hear more about Wolfbane Footpad in the future. I am planning on writing a short story based on the rp there soon....

Oh by the way, we are in the full moon right now and the lycans will have transformed into their beast forms. So if you are looking for something to do over the next couple nights come over to Dark City and put on your DCS2 meter. The citizens of the city will need all the help they can get to stop the rampaging wolves!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What to do while waiting for the Deadwood Reset

Hello Everyone,

As many of you know the Deadwood reset is fast approaching. The date of the big fire that will mark the last chance to rp in the old Deadwood has not been set yet, but will be announced soon. For details on the reset, please see posts from my friends and fellow bloggers, Dio Kuhrs Ephemeral Frontiers and Marrant Vita's, Marrant Vita's Victorian Needs and Astolat Dufaux's The Victorian Closet.

Many of our regulars in Deadwood are very busy with getting ready for the reset. Some are doing building, making items for the sim and/or their businesses. Some are researching and preparing their new characters.

I have found myself in a bit of a quandry as to what to do with my time. My characters for the new Deadwood are ready to go. I have been working with the building thing and while I have not given up on it. I am fast coming to the conclusion that my first impression of my building skills were correct, in other words I am hopless when it comes to building. And thats ok. I very much doubt I am alone in this and there need to be folks like me out there to buy the great stuff that others build.

But back to my original question of what to do with my time? Actually, I have been doing a couple things. I have been bouncing around visiting other Sim's. Some of them have some really great ideas for role play. Unfortunately, a lot of them are more geared toward combat, then any meaningful role play. But again that's OK, I do love combat and have had some great times swinging sword and claw at the enemy. Yeah, you saw right, claw. I do have a one other alt, who I use as a lycan in some of these Sim's.

The other thing I am doing is writing. I have finally made the plunge and started my very first novel. Whats it about? Wellllll.....let me just say its a western. Do I plan to get it published? Of course I plan to. Will it? I dunno.....I have heard that getting published is really hard. I would surmise that to be true. But I am an optimistic sort, so I am happily researching and writing away. What will I do if it doesn't get published? Write another book.....If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Maybe that will be about a lycan...hmmmm.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The life and times of Jack Landar

A bit of background for this story. This is the introduction for BlackJack Landar for the Deadwood reset.

May 5, 1844, Chillecothe, Ohio

Reverend Joseph Landar heard the sharp cry of a baby and a smile spread over his face. He knelt beside his chair and gave a short prayer of thanks. Moving to the door of the bedroom, he knocked before opening the door. The midwife looked, wiping a sweat from her brow with her sleeve, "Pastor Landar, come in and greet your son." Joseph smiled and looking down at his newborn son resting in his mothers arms, said, "We will call him Jack."

September 15, 1861, Columbus, Ohio

Jack took his place in line to enlist in the 2nd Ohio Infantry Volunteer Regiment. He had left the farm just outside of the little village of Grove City, where he had grown up and with his cousin Bill Gant made the short trip to Camp Dennison in Columbus in order to enlist in the Union Army. At 18 Jack was 5 feet 8 inches, 160 lbs. with dark hair. He was of sturdy build like many other young men who grew up working on a farm.

After signing his name, Jack looked around and spied his cousin who had accompanied him. Bill Gant was easy to spot, standing 6 feet and weighing 200 pounds, he was one of the bigger men around. No sooner had they started toward them than several sergeants began to yell, curse, and push the newly enlisted men into a semblance of a line and moved them off.

November 25, 1863 Missionary Ridge

Bill Gant nudged his cousin as they waited for the order to form ranks and begin the move up the mountain. "Jack, just in case I don't make it, give this to my parents." Jack took the proffered package with a nod of his head. Jack did not try to tell Bill he would live to see the end of the war, let alone this battle. They had both seen too many men die around them, they having escaped harm only by chance or Providence.

Jack stood near the center of the line as his commanding officer gave the order to advance. As they moved up the toward the crest of the ridge, he could hear the howls of the Rebel yell. As often as he had heard it, it still sent shivers down his spine. Then came the puffs of smoke and the bang of the muskets from the Rebel positions. Men began to scream, holes appeared in the line. Jack heard the officers encouraging the men to keep moving.

Bill caught Jacks eye. Jack smiled and started to say something when he heard a wet smacking sound. Bill Gant stopped in his tracks, a confused look on his face. Then he crumpled to the ground a pool of blood began form on the ground. "NOOO", Jack screamed. He dropped down by his cousin to try to help him. The captain came running up, "Landar, you stupid son of a bitch, get up and back in line." Jack stumbled back into the line, firing his weapon and reloading, moving ever closer to the top of the ridge.

The battle was was won. The Confederate forces had been routed. While the others celebrated the victory or more to the point having survived the battle, Jack sat in his tent. His mood somber, Jack made up his mind that this was the last fight of the war for him. At morning roll call, Jack Landar's name went unanswered.

August 1870, Texas Panhandle

Four men sat astride their horses, watching the herd of cattle with several men riding slowly around them keeping the herd from straying. "Jack, you figger them other fellers are ready yet?" Jack Landar raised his head to meet the gaze of the man who had spoken. "I tell you what Jake, if they are not ready, they will regret it for the rest of their short miserable lives" With a last look around Jack spoke again, "Everyone remember what they are supposed to do?" No one answered him and smiled slightly, "Alright, lets go get those cows. When we sell them we will all be rich men." Jack pulled his bandanna up to cover his face, then pulling his scatter gun and a flick of the reigns he headed toward the herd.

December 1875, Great Bend, Kansas

The night air was cold as the deputy made his rounds. Making his way down the street, he saw the glow of lamp light in a cafe and headed for it. Opening the door, the deputy looked around and saw only the proprietor, "O'Malley you Irish son of a bitch, get me a coffee if you will." The big round faced man turned, pushing a lock of red hair out of his eyes, "Jack Landar, you good for nothin piece o' shit." Both men grinned, Jack leaned his shotgun against the counter and sat down. "A bit cold out there tonight Lad." Jack nodded as he sipped the coffee, "Yeah, cold and quiet as a tomb. I think I have had enough of this place, from what I hear the cattlemen aren't going to be coming this way again." O'Malley nodded, "Aye, I hear the same. Been thinkin on movin over to Dodge. Where you thinkin on headin to Jack?" Jack replied, "I think I will head for the Black Hills. I'm no prospector, but, I can be resourceful when it comes to making money." Both men laughed as O'Malley refilled his cup.