Thursday, April 29, 2010

RP Etiquitte

On the Deadwood forum, one of our players had asked about whether it was bad form to approach people engaged in rp.

This got me to thinking it would be good to have a list of basic Role Play rules of etiquette. I am listing below, my thoughts and the thoughts of others from research I have done on this subject.

1. Never use typing shortcuts such as lol, cyu, btw, afk. That’s lazy roleplay. It takes you maybe 2 to 3 seconds longer to just type the whole thing out.

2. Never speak out of character. In many roleplay communities, it is common to use double parenthesis (()) to indicate you are speaking out of character. For example ((I have to run to the store, be back in a few)). However, for the seasoned roleplayer, it is a terrible distraction from the RP and unnecessary. Out of character comments or discussions should be kept in private instant messages or stated in such a way that is still in character. For example...*Jack Landar pulls out his pocket watch and frowns* "If you will please excuse me, I am late for an appointment."

3. Don’t “poof” out in front of people. If you have to leave the roleplay you are in, make your exit posts then walk away from the other players you are involved with before you teleport out.

4. Don’t “poof” in, in front of people. If someone would like to teleport you to their location, stop to ask first where they are. A sudden, unannounced arrival could interfere greatly with roleplay that may be taking place.

5. Don’t teleport in reinforcements. If you find yourself in a conflict of some sort and you’re thinking " I could really use some friends right about now to back me up.” You best hope they come strolling by on their own. It is extremely bad form to instant message friends to ask for help or to start teleporting them in. In many cases, it’s a quick way to have yourself permanently banned from an RP sim!

6. Stay away from “godmoding”. This is a common term among roleplayers, along with “metagaming” to describe when someone determines the resulting actions of another player or the outcome of roleplay before it is appropriate. For example: *Jack Landar pulls his pistol and fires a single well aimed round right between Unlucky Lou's eyes, killing him instantly.* In this case, Unlucky Lou didn’t even get a chance to take part in the roleplay before he was determined dead. Jack Landar should have been more patient and allowed a response from the man. For example: *Jack Landar pulls his pistol and fires at Unlucky Lou.* * Unlucky Lou staggers as the bullet grazes his skull*…and so on. Roleplay is interactive. No one player gets to decide the course of action or outcome for every player.

7. Stay away from public disputes. If you disagree with the outcome of roleplay, the method of roleplay or the roleplaying habits of another player, take it to instant messages. Do not, under any circumstances, create a spectacle. Public, out of character squabbles are the true sign of a novice, or bad roleplayer.

8. Bring in the Administrator. No matter what you try to do, you cannot reach a resolution for the dispute you are involved in. What should you do? Call in a Gamemaster, Moderator or Administrator to help resolve it. A majority of the roleplay sims will have this “feature” for disputes that cannot reach conclusion between the players. Hopefully always someone who is well versed on the rules and can be an unbiased decision maker. Sometimes, they may choose to nullify the line of roleplay from a certain point completely to keep the peace. Other times they may rule in your favor, or the favor of another. Regardless of the outcome, their word is final. Take it and move on!

9. Excuse yourself with class. Is the wife calling you to dinner? Did one of your kids just spill a glass of juice down your sock? Don’t panic….the roleplay can wait. But as a courtesy, don’t leave the roleplayers hanging either. A brief instant message will suffice explaining your need to run quickly….or even in the midst of roleplay “Far in the distance I see the curl of dark smoke rise from the area that is my home. With great alarm I take off running towards it, waving a hasty goodbye to my fellow subjects!

• Be creative with your roleplay. Close your eyes for a moment and lose yourself in your character. What would he or she do? How would they respond? What would they think? If someone drops to their knees and proposes marriage to your character, would she run? Would she gladly accept? Would she laugh? Don’t be afraid to take that moment to truly live your character.

• Don’t over-flower. Don’t litter your roleplay with giant, ten cent words or overlong paragraphs. Beautiful language is a definite advantage in this medium of roleplay but you can be descriptive and creative without inducing yawns from those playing with you. People roleplay to interact, keep your posts as brief as possible.

• Don’t under-flower. It can be difficult at times to know what is too much or not enough. While you don’t want to bore other roleplayers with big, extravagant posts, you don’t want to turn them off with “one-hit wonders” either. For example, you have just met the Queen of the Realm. She extends her hand to you in greeting. Do you “Shakes Queens hand.”? Or do you “Takes the delicate hand of the Queen and gently kisses it in respect."

• Follow through. If you start a line of roleplay, finish that line of roleplay. Don’t leave it dangling out there particularly if you have involved others. There is nothing wrong with writing out a storyline. Have a starting point and the general direction you would like to see it go. Some say to include how you would like it to end as well. I would encourage you not to worry about the ending. This will let the story go how and where the characters decide without any undue constraints.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Jack's Journal

April 26, 1876

Journal, I have a few minutes to spare before heading to Mr. Runningbear and Miss Bertrands store. On Friday evening past, Lillian and I met for supper in order to cement the appearence of social decorum that will be necessary for the Badger game to succeed.

I must say Journal, Lillian did look absolutely lovely. She complained that it was ugly, but It showed off her assets quite well without being scandalous. The green color of the dress also complimented her fiery red hair. We went to the new cafe run by a Negress who calls herself Auntie Bluebird. She served us a course of pork chops and butter beans. It was without a doubt the best repast I have enjoyed in many a day. The service was good, though the waitress, a Celestial was the most skittish person I have ever met.

The conversation began well. However, when I asked Auntie if there were a minister in the camp, Lillian took that exact moment to choke on a bean. I thought to help her, but Auntie Bluebird rushed to the rescue and with a few smart slaps to the back was able to expel the bean from Lillian. Unfortunately the bean landed on my new shirt, leaving a stain which I doubt will come out. Our conversation after that was civil but hardly congenial as we took to sniping at each other using words of love that was tinged with sarcasm.

I shall have to apologize to her for this. Though the woman can be infuriating, she is invaluable to the scheme. Also, I find her company quite pleasant, except when we take to sniping at each other. We are much alike in out temperaments and we must be careful that we do not take to killing each other, at least not in a public forum. We must do better at convincing the population of the Camp that we are an innocent couple who are looking to be married......

Monday, April 19, 2010

Jack's Journal

Sitting down at the table, Jack dipped the tip of his pen into the ink jar. Taking a moment to compose his thoughts, he begins to write:

April 18, 1876 Deadwood Camp

It has been several months since I have put pen to paper. When last I wrote, I was still in Kansas working as a Deputy Marshall. There were rumors that the cattle drives would no longer be coming our and the Town Fathers in their dubious wisdom, saw fit to release me from my duties. I had determined to leave for the gold rush in the Black Hills, so I was not overly angered.

I arrived in Deadwood Camp several weeks ago. The camp is wide open and lawless, which suits me quite well. Already the whores, whiskey peddlers and cardsharks have arrived, along with some more or less honest store keepers. Where ever there is gold or silver it is these who come first to fleece the miners of their riches. With some careful thought and planning I too will help in the fleecing.

To that end, I decided that I must be viewed as an upright citizen. One who is viewed as helping the weak and less fortunate. A few days after my arrival in Deadwood, I happened into a store owned by Mahalia Bertrand and Meriweather Runningbear. Mr. Runningbear is a tall, stawart fellow who appears quite capable of taking care of himself. Miss Bertrand on the other hand is not quite so capable. She is an attractive woman, but labors under the false conclusion that her fellow members of humanity share her sense of honsesty, fairness and integrity. Fortunately for her Mr. Runningbear does not suffer from this malady. After a very pleasant discussion between the three of us, Mr. Runningbear hired me. Ostensibly to help Miss Bertrand around the store, but in actuality to make sure she has some measure of protection while he is away mining. I, of course, leaped at the chance. It was easy to tell that these two would become pillars of the new community and it would behoove me to have friends in high places.

Now Journal, I wish to write briefly about Lillian. Lil is a striking red head, easily able to turn the head of any man. She is, of course, a soiled dove. I had engaged her services and the woman tried to brain me. Fortunately for me I have a bit of a hard head. Though the force of the blow drove me to my knees, I was able to wrest away the jug that she had used on me. My first thought was to kill the whore then and there, but, after a moments consideration I decided to broach the subject of her going into partnership with me. I needed an attractive woman who could play a convincing part for a confidence game that I wished to employ.

I explained to her about how the badger game is worked. Basically, we find a mark who has money and values his reputation. Lil would play a seductive innocent, who would lure the mark to her bed. Just as they are getting into a comprising situation, I would burst in as the outraged husband. After some suitable theatrics, we would then let the mark know how much gold it would take to keep our mouths shut.

I have asked her to refrain from doing any further whoring and to obtain some respectable clothing. We need to establish our cover as a respectable couple.

I must put pen aside for now Journal. Miss Bertrand requires my help in moving some crates.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dark City and Wolfbane

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, my alt Wolfbane, plays in Dark City. Wolfbane is now a full member of the Perigord pack. He was promoted to full membership on Wednesday evening. Lycans normally run in packs and have various ranks. The ranks of the Perigord are as follows:

Initiate: The lowest rank. At this stage, the lycan is not yet a full member of the pack. He is watched to see how he comports himself. If a pack member is attacked, does he or she leap to battle with fangs bared? or do they hold back or even run off? It is during this period that the prospect will be judged as to their worthiness. Not all who apply are chosen.

Omega: The Omega is a full member of the pack. He or she has proven themselves in battle and shown their loyalty to the pack.

Bolverk: The Bolverk and the Omega are similar in rank. The difference is, the Bolverk is specifically charged with protecting the packs den and the leaders of the pack. They may also be used to mete out discipline that the leaders do not wish to perform personally.

Irraka: The Irraka's are charged with watching over the Initiates. It is the Irraka's task to watch over their Initiates, to protect them and correct them when necessary. The Irraka can act as the pack leader when no one of higher rank is available.

Cahalaith: The Cahalaith is a shaman. Normally they also keep the histories of the Pack and are responsible for making sure the Pack learns and keeps the ways of Luna. Almost without exception the Cahalaith has at least some magical ability, which they attribute to Luna.

Freki: The Freki is second in command of the Pack. They are charged with overseeing the pack in the absence of the Ulfric.

Ulfric and Lupa: The Ulfric is the leader of the Pack. His word is law. The Lupa is the Ulfrics mate. She can act as a leader of the Pack in the absence of the Ulfric or the Freki.

There was an incident in Dark City which has effected the lycans more than the others. An ArchAngel named Malach, supposedly was sent by God to kill the citizens of Dark City and destroy the City. All the citizens came together to battle the ArchAngel. Demon, Neko, Vampire and Lycan fought side by side to stop him. We stopped him in battle, but Malach was not done with us. He flew into space and using all of his power, shattered the moon and sent a piece of it toward the City. This has had the various races come together again to try to find a way to stop the chunk of moon. The shattering of the moon also had some strange results on the lycans. Each being affected in different ways. Some cannot transform to their Garou form at all, some can manage a partial change, a couple of the females are in constant heat, some are filled with rage and must be kept an eye on so they do not precipitate a war when everyone must work together.

Wolfbane was changed as well. He is now heavily muscled, with the full physical strength of the Garou form, his ears are large and pointed almost wolfish and he is bald. One other thing that happened was he now has access to some force that he attributes to Luna. He can use this force as a healing force or as a weapon, sending out a blast of energy. Wolfbane has yet to learn to fully control it.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

BlackJack in Deadwood 2.0

My friend and fellow blogger Marrant Vita were talking the other day about how our characters change once they get into the roleplay. I have found this to be true with BlackJack. His personality is changing from what I had originally envisioned. My thought was BlackJack or Jack as he calls himself now, would be a villianous sort with an icy stare and the look of a hardened killer. However, he is not turning out quite that way. BlackJack will still be a bad guy. But I am finding in him a bit of tenderness that was missing from the BlackJack of DW 1.0. As you may remember that fellow had no compassion or tenderness in him, except for his immediate family. There were a few people he respected and even liked, Dio, Clay, Daisy...but, if he had a logical reason to kill them, he would have. This BlackJack, is not quite so cold and calculating. Jack Landar is an Army deserter, cattle rustler, bank robber, con man and sometime law man. That being said, he is a fairly likable guy, someone you would share a beer with or play a game of cards with.

I brought Black in a bit earlier than planned. It was a spur of the moment decision and I am glad I did it. He is already laying the foundation to allow him to pursue less than honorable pursuits later. How is he doing this you ask? He is building relationships. He happened to wander into the store that Meriwether Runningbear and Mahalia Bertrand are running, looking for some tinned peaches and bottle of whiskey. (Jack likes to eat the peaches then pour some whiskey into the syrup for a drink.) While talking Meri had looked Jack over and decided Jack would be a good one to help protect Miss Bertrand, though Miss Bertrand believes he is there just to help around the store. Jack took the job and is finding that he truly likes this couple. They are both good, decent people, just the sort that a man with a nefarious turn to him needs. Because when suspicion comes upon you, a man really wants respectable friends to vouch for him.

So will Jack become a villian? Yes, no mistake on that, though he will have his own sense of honor and loyalty to those he considers his friends.