Monday, April 26, 2010

Jack's Journal

April 26, 1876

Journal, I have a few minutes to spare before heading to Mr. Runningbear and Miss Bertrands store. On Friday evening past, Lillian and I met for supper in order to cement the appearence of social decorum that will be necessary for the Badger game to succeed.

I must say Journal, Lillian did look absolutely lovely. She complained that it was ugly, but It showed off her assets quite well without being scandalous. The green color of the dress also complimented her fiery red hair. We went to the new cafe run by a Negress who calls herself Auntie Bluebird. She served us a course of pork chops and butter beans. It was without a doubt the best repast I have enjoyed in many a day. The service was good, though the waitress, a Celestial was the most skittish person I have ever met.

The conversation began well. However, when I asked Auntie if there were a minister in the camp, Lillian took that exact moment to choke on a bean. I thought to help her, but Auntie Bluebird rushed to the rescue and with a few smart slaps to the back was able to expel the bean from Lillian. Unfortunately the bean landed on my new shirt, leaving a stain which I doubt will come out. Our conversation after that was civil but hardly congenial as we took to sniping at each other using words of love that was tinged with sarcasm.

I shall have to apologize to her for this. Though the woman can be infuriating, she is invaluable to the scheme. Also, I find her company quite pleasant, except when we take to sniping at each other. We are much alike in out temperaments and we must be careful that we do not take to killing each other, at least not in a public forum. We must do better at convincing the population of the Camp that we are an innocent couple who are looking to be married......

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  1. Good stuff, Jack....and could someone please to post the chat on this on the Deadwood forum? It sounds like it would be a wonderful read!