Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dark City and Wolfbane

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, my alt Wolfbane, plays in Dark City. Wolfbane is now a full member of the Perigord pack. He was promoted to full membership on Wednesday evening. Lycans normally run in packs and have various ranks. The ranks of the Perigord are as follows:

Initiate: The lowest rank. At this stage, the lycan is not yet a full member of the pack. He is watched to see how he comports himself. If a pack member is attacked, does he or she leap to battle with fangs bared? or do they hold back or even run off? It is during this period that the prospect will be judged as to their worthiness. Not all who apply are chosen.

Omega: The Omega is a full member of the pack. He or she has proven themselves in battle and shown their loyalty to the pack.

Bolverk: The Bolverk and the Omega are similar in rank. The difference is, the Bolverk is specifically charged with protecting the packs den and the leaders of the pack. They may also be used to mete out discipline that the leaders do not wish to perform personally.

Irraka: The Irraka's are charged with watching over the Initiates. It is the Irraka's task to watch over their Initiates, to protect them and correct them when necessary. The Irraka can act as the pack leader when no one of higher rank is available.

Cahalaith: The Cahalaith is a shaman. Normally they also keep the histories of the Pack and are responsible for making sure the Pack learns and keeps the ways of Luna. Almost without exception the Cahalaith has at least some magical ability, which they attribute to Luna.

Freki: The Freki is second in command of the Pack. They are charged with overseeing the pack in the absence of the Ulfric.

Ulfric and Lupa: The Ulfric is the leader of the Pack. His word is law. The Lupa is the Ulfrics mate. She can act as a leader of the Pack in the absence of the Ulfric or the Freki.

There was an incident in Dark City which has effected the lycans more than the others. An ArchAngel named Malach, supposedly was sent by God to kill the citizens of Dark City and destroy the City. All the citizens came together to battle the ArchAngel. Demon, Neko, Vampire and Lycan fought side by side to stop him. We stopped him in battle, but Malach was not done with us. He flew into space and using all of his power, shattered the moon and sent a piece of it toward the City. This has had the various races come together again to try to find a way to stop the chunk of moon. The shattering of the moon also had some strange results on the lycans. Each being affected in different ways. Some cannot transform to their Garou form at all, some can manage a partial change, a couple of the females are in constant heat, some are filled with rage and must be kept an eye on so they do not precipitate a war when everyone must work together.

Wolfbane was changed as well. He is now heavily muscled, with the full physical strength of the Garou form, his ears are large and pointed almost wolfish and he is bald. One other thing that happened was he now has access to some force that he attributes to Luna. He can use this force as a healing force or as a weapon, sending out a blast of energy. Wolfbane has yet to learn to fully control it.

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