Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Setting up a character (Lycan)

Hello Everyone,

Thought I would take a bit of time today and share a bit more about Wolfbane Footpad, my lycan character. It took a while, but I finally have all of the avies I need for this character. Thats right, multiple avies. Wolfbane has three forms, human, wolf, and garou.

Wolfbane's garou or battle form. The avie is from TRUAM

The pictures above show Wolfbane's garou form. This is the form he takes on the full moon or when he loses control and loses his temper. The avie as noted above comes from TRUAM. It includes full werewolf AO, growling and howling sound effects and a DCS2 weapon. All of that at only 2400Ls is a pretty good deal.

This is Wolfbanes wolf or Quadruped form. Avie by Werehouse.

Wolfbane's Quadruped form is a wolf, but not just a regular wolf. Think Twilight size wolves, it is as tall as most human avatars. This avie is the Dire Wolf from Werehouse and in my view makes for the best quad form for lycans. Of all of the avies, this is my favorite. Its expensive at 3000L, but I am having a blast with it. I was able to get a DCS2 and a Spellfire beast claws weapon for him, so he is not totally defenseless. The DCS2 claws are not enhanced, but, hey he can still fight now and is not defenseless.

Wolfbane's human form. Avie by TRUAM

Those of you who knew BlackJack in Deadwood 1.0 will remember this avatar shape and skin. For my lycans human form I wanted something that would project a tough as nails, no nonsense warrior. I most definetely did not want to look like a pretty boy. This avatar from TRUAM is perfect for that purpose. Just look at that mug! Plus he is pretty big in his human form too.

This was just me being a bit indulgent today. If any of you ever want to get an animal avatar, do visit the Werehouse as they have a full line of anthro, quad and dire sized quads available. The animations and sounds that come with them make it a great deal.

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