Friday, July 2, 2010

The end, maybe

Good Morning Everyone,

I will not be posting on here for a while. In fact I am considering shutting down this blog, but have not yet made up my mind as of yet. The reasons? Well, there are several.

This particular blog is called BlackJacks Ruminations and was mostly about Jack and the rp in Deadwood. However, Jack is not going to be around for a while. For reasons that I will keep to myself, I have decided Jack needs a break. Will this typist continue to play in Deadwood? I don't know. I love Deadwood! The owners and all the players there are great people. I have not found better rp anywhere in SL.

As for my other characters, Ezra, JF, and Carlton will all be on hiatus.

I am not going to say good bye here, just so long and happy trails to you all.

BlackJack Landar

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