Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Looking for a good time on Friday Night contd

Ezra sat at the table watching several fights while he rested up. Several of Clay's soiled doves walked by, a couple of them smiled at him and Charley. "Ezra, I'm a gonna go ask one of them girls to dance and mebbe take some time fer myself upstairs." Ezra gave a nod, "Don' be takin more'n one with ya tonight Charley. I knows ya only gots money fer one and the Mayor weren't none to pleased with ya the last time ya come up short. Fact is, ifn I hadna come up with the money he was gonna have that big ol security man o his pay ya a visit." Charley glanced over where the hulking form of Martin Ramey stood in a corner and swallowed hard. "No need ta fret Ezra, I aint a gonna do nothin that stupid."

"Alright, is there anyone brave enough to step into the ring?" Clay shouted. Jumping up and climbing into the ring Ezra began to bounce back and forth on the balls of his feet, waiting to see who was going to fight him. He smiled a bit when Silas Acker climbed into the ring. "Are ya ready to commit mayhem?" Clay shouted. Ezra and Silas responded with "Aye".

Clay rang the bell and Ezra charged Silas. Silas let out a scream and began to run around the ring, Ezra right behind him. With a sudden stop and twist, Silas slammed a right fist onto Ezra's chin. With a grunt, Ezra staggered back, "Why you sneaky son of a bitch". Ezra leaped up and both men began to pummel each other. Silas slipped to the side and began to run again. Ezra followed a bit more cautiously. Silas moved at top speed and spun around getting behind Ezra and pounding his kidneys. Ezra backhanded Silas, catching him in the side of the jaw. Both men backed away a bit. Ezra looked at Silas with a bit more respect. The man might be a feckless idiot, but he could fight. Ezra charged again and Silas met him in the middle of the ring. For a full minute the two exchanged blows, until Silas landed a hard left on Ezra's temple. With a groan Ezra dropped.

The next thing Ezra saw was the sight of Daisy Stratten looking into his face with a concerned look. She had a wet, somewhat dirty rag, wiping some of the blood from his face. She smiled when she saw his eyes focus on her. Ezra smiled back and winced, his lip was split and it began to bleed again. It also felt like his jaw was just this side of broken.
Daisy frowned at the wince and sent a scowling look at Silas who was still crowing about his win. With gestures Daisy let Ezra know she wanted him to go upstairs where he could rest up. Ezra nodded and letting Daisy try to support him he walked up the stairs a gleam in his eye. He whispered to himself, "This is how ya has a good time on a Friday night."

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  1. Yeah, you gotta watch Silas, he'll surprise you. That's why the last time I had to convince him to behave, I just hit him in the head with a pool cue a couple items.

    Great storytelling, pard.