Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On God Modding and other no no's

Hi Everyone,

While playing in a different sim the other day I saw the most egregious display of god moding that I have ever witnessed. Below is a paraphrased version of the rp:

Player 1: "I have heard enough, it is time for you to die," points the barrel of the gun at 2's head and squeezes the trigger sending the bullet into the precise spot between 2's eyes.

Player 2: Stumbles and falls, then with a sigh of disdain digs the bullet out and stands up, "Your bullets cannot kill me. I have the protection of the Satan's left testicle.

Player 1: Reloads pistol with bullets guarenteed to kill anything, whether protected by magic or not. "This will kill you bitch", fires the gun putting the bullet precisely in the same spot as the last.

Player 2: Falls down from the force of the bullet, then stands up, pulling the bullet from deep inside her skull. With a laugh says, "Fool, your bullets cannot kill a diciple of Satan's left testicle.

At this point Player 1 loses it and start going ooc in open chat how everyone in the sim are horrible god moders and do not know how to rp.

This basically the jist of what actually happened. In full view of several gm's.

So, who was right and who was wrong? In my opinion both were. Player 1 fired his gun and told player 2 it hit her between the eyes. That is god moding, you should never tell someone they have been hit and or where they have been hit. Its Player 2s character, they have the right to decide whether they have been hit or not.

Player 2 was just as bad, coming up with a god like spell. Then says it is so strong she can never be hurt. Ummmm, sorry, but no one is invincible. Not even Superman, let alone a low ranked demon.

Yeah, I said demon. I was playing in a sim that has all manner of dark critters. More on that in a bit.

When you rp a fight, you have to give and take. Unfortunately, as I have stated in an earlier post you have folks who cannot stand to lose, so come up with this kind of utter trash as rp. Which is why I like to use meters to resolve combat.

I do not know if the GMs addressed these two or not. I hope so, both of them needed a good swift kick in the grocery sack as my friend Dio would say.

Was everyone in the sim like this? NO! There were some good rpers there. This particular sim is heavy on combat. Mostly melee weapons. And I dearly love a good old round of swinging sword swinging. But again I digress from the main point. *sighs*, comes from getting old I think.

Any rate, beware of god moding when you rp. Even experienced rpers will sometimes forget. If it happens, im the other player and decide what you want to do. Play it over? Go with it? Whatever you decide is fine as long as both agree.

Final thought on this bit of my preaching to the choir is this. If something is not working communicate with the others involved. There is no reason to act like an ass and piss off others. Try not to get mad. Remember, RP is not real!!! it is play, which means it is supposed to be fun. And hey its ok to lose i said before no one can win all the time. So play, have fun and don't take things so dad blasted serious.


  1. Thank you for sharing that lovely tidbit of rp. *laughs* Just precious, that was!
    I must confess though, I caught myself doing a little godmoding last night and stopped before it got too far. It's easy to do and we have to be vigilant about it.
    Nice post, Blackjack!

  2. Thank you CiCi. While I was watching that bit of rp play out, I, the typist sat there shaking my head.

  3. A few days late with this, as my typist's employer blocked your blog with insane speed (quite absurdly, too - but I have trouble complaining that I "need" access to a SL blog :) ). But your post raises a question: unless the two players have scripted at least some of what is to come in the rp (e.g., player 2 agrees that player 1's bullet will hit him), doesn't some god modding come into play? If player 1 fires point-blank at player 2, and player 1 is a good shot with a reliable gun, wouldn't it be unrealistic for player 2 to say, "Wow, that was close, but the bullet just whizzed by my ear"?

    I presume that good rp requires both players to play out the scene within the parameters that have been set out, but what do you do when one doesn't want to play nicely?

  4. Hi Rhianon, I agree with you! Your typists boss should give you access to SL blogs.

    Your right, some preplanning would have been good. Which for me is part of the problem with an RP fight. In this example, it was a spur of the moment thing and of course it was not handled at all well. Player 1 was trying to kill Player 2 without her consent. Her response was as bad as his starting action.

    What do you do? Get into IMs and talk. Most folks will listen and play nice if you talk to them. However there are some who just plain want to have it their way. In that case, I would stop the rp with that person and walk away. Perhaps with a note to a GM or an admin replete with notecards, chat logs, etc.

    Sometimes, folks just don't realize they are god moding and will work with you if you speak to them. Some just want to win no matter what. Then you have a few, who for whatever reason get their kicks by godmoding with the intent of spoiling everyone elses fun.

    The first case is easy fix with IMs.
    The second case will likely need the attention of an admin/GM, whatever that sim calls them. The admin should speak with the individuals, hence the need for chatlogs, yes some folks will lie. The admin will then make whatever decision is fair and just
    The third case, is definetely a case for the admins to address. This type are nothing but griefers and should be treated accordingly, ejected and banned from the sim.

    Again, this is why I like to resolve combat with meters. Yes you can still cheat with meters, but it is a lot less likely to happen. Hope this answers your question Rhianon. And thanks for reading my blog. :)

  5. I have to say, using Satan's ballsack as a defense against injury, death & worse is pretty ingenious. Godmodding, yes, but also quite amusing. Unless you are Satan, in which case havingsome mere mortal use your bollock as a flak jacket can only tick you off I'd imagine...

    Also? Hello! I've journied here from Dio's place :)

  6. Hi Burro, thanks for reading my blog. The Satans testicle thing was something I put in as I could not remember what the hell kind of spell the person said they were using, Though it was something from a divine being. or at least that was the inference.
    Got to agree with you, I doubt Satan would be overjoyed to have his grocery sack used as a flack jacket.