Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blacks Last Day

Hi Everyone,

Well, the last day for BlackJack is fast approaching and all is in readiness for his violent demise. I will be posting a story after his death detailing his last day.

I again want to thank everyone who is helping with this. A couple of things to note. First, I do not like to do scripted rp as a normal course. This one is "somewhat" scripted. Yes, Black will die, there is not doubt about that. We have even set up a nice little twist to this, so please be there if you can. But I digress, as I said this rp is "somewhat" scripted. Certain individuals will be doing certain things. However, I do not want anyone to think they cannot join in on the fun. I don't want this to turn into a scene where a couple of people are rping and everyone is else is just watching. Rather, I would like to see folks get involved in whatever way they see their character reacting to the situation.

Hopefully this will be a fun time for everyone as I bring the story of BlackJack to an end.


  1. My apologies for making assumptions, Blackjack. I did post for new visitors to give you all space if a situation is intense, and I will correct that.
    Personally, I just think it's good rp etiquette to hold off jumping into a scene one knows nothing about-particularly an intense one. But as I said, Deadwood is a welcoming sim, and I'm glad to see you proved me right on that. :)
    I am looking forward to the end of Blackjack's story--at least this story.

  2. Nothing to apolgize for CiCi. Black will die, if others contribute in ways that give it a twist from what I envisioned, well...thats ok, I like surprises. :)