Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ezra Macarthur in Deadwood 2.0

Hello Everyone,

Here we are at the end of January and the reset is just about a month and a half away. The new entry area is looking great. Please see my fellow blogger CiCi Levenque's post in her blog Western Roles, for more info and pics. Also check Diogenes Kuhr's blog Ephemeral Frontier. Both have done great job reporting on the new build.

When Deadwood reopens my character, Ezra Macarthur will be among the first prospectors. Following is some brief information on the new Ezra.

Date of Birth: May 5, 1844 /Age when he hits the gold fields in March 1876 - 31

Place of Birth: Columbus, Ohio

Education: Attended school up to age 10

Career: Farmer, Soldier, Prospector

About Ezra: He grew up on a farm just south of Columbus. He was a hard working young man. He is literate, but just barely so. He never applied himself to his studies, being more content working in the fields. When the war broke out Ezra wanted to join, but his father forbade him. When Ezra reached age 18 in 1862, he joined the Union army. After the war, Ezra returned home but was not satisfied with life on the farm. In 1868, Ezra packed his bags and headed west to make his fortune. He worked in a variety of jobs, drifting from one town to the next. In 1875 he heard of the gold strike in the Black Hills. Gathering his belongings, he headed out to make his fortune again.

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