Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Death of BlackJack Landar, cont'd

The RP leading to BlackJack's demise continues:

Friday night, Black went to the Gem to watch and participate in the fight's. All of the regulars were there as well as some new folks that Black had not met before.

The current boxing champion, Silas Acker and Black squared off in the ring. Now Silas is a character that, after meeting him, you would never forget. Silas is thin and a bit small, he is also a braggart and not to put too fine a point on it, is not the brightest lamp in the house. Silas, whatever his other faults, is an excellent boxer. He and Black fought it out and knocked each other out. Silas struggled to his feet first, retaining his title.

After that fight Black sat back to enjoy the rest of the fights when he was approached by a particularly ugly whore, by the name of Truly Bombastic. She went by the alias of Truly Come when she propositioned Black. A brief description of this creature is in order. Short and heavy with a face that looked like it had taken one too many punches. Five front teeth missing and breath that would knock a buzzard off a manure wagon at twenty paces. For some reason DanteDemon Densmith thought this woman would appeal to Blacks appetite.

Truly tried hard to entice Black into going to her room. Black was trying harder to palm her off on some other hapless soul. Truly then mentioned the name of Jeni. For those who do not know, Jeni Trefusis was a prostitute and companion of Black's former employer Cameo Capalini. Black was ordered to kill Jeni when she and Capalini broke up.
Black ran Truly off at that point. However, Truly was not quite finished, she hooked into Silas and with promises of money and sexual favors, enticed him to lead Black to her rooms where supposedly assassins awaited Black.

Black noted the two together and played along. When they reached the hotel, Black unslung his shotgun and told Truly to go ahead in, Silas having already entered the hotel. Truly screamed and ran. Black then went in to confront Silas. Raising the shotgun to his shoulder Black said, "Silas, you know my reputation." Silas gulped and looked for someplace to run. Black spoke again, "Run Silas, run like the Devil himself is after you." Silas leaped over the stairway banister and ran down the streets screaming, "He's gonna kill me, help. He's gonna kill me."

Heading back to the Gem, Black came across Daisy, the mute prostitute who works for the Gem. She had taken a pool cue and chased Truly into the hills. This endeared her to Black even more.

Stay tuned kiddies, Black's demise is coming soon.

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