Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blacks Journal

Seating himself at his desk, Black pulled his journal out of the hidden compartment. Opening the book, Black picked up a pen and dipped it into the ink well. He thought for a moment, then began to write:

January 30, 1879

Journal, I have come across more evidence that Mr. Densmith has become my enemy. Mr. Blitzer Renfold told me last night that Mr. Densmith was looking for a way to frame me for the murder of Jeni Trefusis. Renfold intimated Mr. Densmith was arranging for someone from Chicago to come into town and accuse me of the crime. According to Mr. Renfold, Mr. Densmith was the one who had sent the whore Truly Comes to Deadwood. Miss Comes apparently spent time in prison with Miss Trefusis.

There is one good piece of information that Mr. Renfold revealed. Apparently Mr. Densmith has become very fond of Miss Wilder. I plan to confront Mr. Densmith in the next few days and make it very plain, that if anything should befall me, his precious Miss Wilder will pay the price for it. If this angers him all the better, an angry opponent is one who acts rashly and without thought. I have an acquintance in New York who can make good on my promise for Miss Wilders future.

Black blew on the ink to dry it, then set the Journal back in its compartment. He then took a clean sheet of paper and again began to write:

My Dear Mr. Johnson,

I write to you concerning a business proposition. There is a certain woman in Deadwood, Miss Salissa Wilder, who I want you to pay a visit to if I should meet with an untimely end. I have wired funds to an account that you may draw on after the task is completed. If this meets with your approval, send a wire back saying simply "Deal".

BlackJack Landar

Black folded the letter and after stuffing it into an envelope and placing it in his coat pocket, he headed for the Post Office.

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