Tuesday, January 26, 2010

After Black is gone

With Black about to die, what shall I write about? I asked that question and the answer was, write about Ezra. Ezra? Who the hell is Ezra, you might ask. Ezra is my miner alt. Now I know some folks are real secretive about who their alts are. For me, not so much. As long as the typist remains in the background and out of sight is the important thing. At least for me. To each their own I say.

Any how, for those who have not met him, Ezra Macarthur, in the current Deadwood, is a half breed. His father was a mountain man who took an Arapaho maiden for his wife. They were married after the custom of her people and Ezra's father reckoned that was as good as any. Ezra's family was wiped out by a band of Commanche, when the the family was settling in the Texas panhandle. Ezra has considered himself at war with the Commanche nation ever since. Now don't get the idea that Ezra hates all Indians. Far from it, he spent time in Arapaho camps as he was growing up. Playing their games, hunting with them. Yes, Ezra has a great fondness for all the Indians. Well, except the Commanche.

Inspiration for Ezra, came from watching some of my Deadwood friends play miners, and with the knowledge of the DW reset coming, I figured, what the hell. The avie for Ezra was made by DarkDharma Daguerre. The avie appears in the machinama, Golden Spurs and Silver Bells, as a miner. I have been using Ezra a bit as comic relief, a bit like the Festus Haggen character from Gunsmoke. Like Festus, Ezra can be funny, but he can also be tough and hard as nails. Ask those who have had a few boxing matches with him. Will Ezra survive when Deadwood goes up in fire? Yes, he will. Will he be the same character he portrays now in the new Deadwood? No, will use the same avie and all, but he will be somewhat literate and his backstory will change. Though I have not worked that out yet. Ezra will be on hand when DW reopens to stake a claim for himself. Whether he is successful or not will have to wait for the RP!


  1. Gee and I always thought Ezra was September! lol Good job on him though.

  2. I have not yet had the pleasure of really speaking with Blackjack, nor have I met Ezra at all that I recall. Meeting so many people, memory sometimes fails me.

    There are several interesting characters in Deadwood, and I wish I had more time to interact with them.