Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why BlackJack hates the Chinese

As some of you from Deadwood know, Black is not very fond of the Chinese. In fact, he hates them with every fiber of his being. The following should help explain why......

The young man who strode thru the harbor area of New York, his eyes taking in the sights of ships and sailors from all around the world. BlackJack breathed in deeply as he stopped to watch some Chinese sailors tying up to the dock. Black was facinated with ships and sailors, the idea of seeing the world and high adventure appealed to him.

As BlackJack stood there lost in thought one of the Chinese sailors bumped into him. Black looked down at the man started to step back when the sailor let loose with a string of words. What the sailor was saying Black had no idea, but from the mans tone and the darkness that flushed his face, told Black the man was upset with him. Frowning Black said, "Mister, I have no idea why you are upset. You bumped into me." In order to punctuate his remark, Black gave the man a little shove. With a scream of rage the Chinaman pulled a knife and lunged at BlackJack. Black stepped back and to the side as he threw a hard left hand at the smaller mans head. The punch connected with a solid thud and BlackJack watched in satisfaction as the sailor dropped in his tracks. Black had little time to enjoy his victory as he suddenly felt a heavy weight land oh his back and a small, but surprisingly strong arm encircled his throat. As this was happening he felt his arm gripped by at least two others and he was dragged back behind several large stacks of boxes. The celestials began to methodically pummel him until Black finally fell to his knees., then slumped face first onto the dock.

When BlackJack finally awoke, four days had gone by and he felt pain in every part of his body. The doctor looked down at Black and told him he was lucky to be alive. Then the doctor delivered news that was to be a turning point in his life. "Son, you have 3 broken ribs, a broken arm and I believe a fractured skull. I am also sorry to tell you that, most likely you will never function as a man again." The doctor waited a few moments as that sunk in, Blacks eyes started to blaze with anger. Holding up a hand, the doctor continued, "I said likely would not. But nothing is certain. One thing I can tell you with certainty is, you will never father children. Whoever worked you over, stomped on your private parts like they were at a dance."

Three months later..
It was near 1 in the morning and the big man dressed in black waited patiently. Two sailors, both distinclty chinese, judging by their speech walked past him. As they did his right arm suddenly flashed out, the lead loaded blackjack slammed into the back of the head of the man on the right. The other sailor turned in surprise and his startled yelp turned into a gurgle as BlackJack drove a dagger straight into the mans throat......

BlackJack was able to function as a man again, but he never fathered a child. As he hunted and killed Chinese sailors on the dock, it occured to him that he was quite good at killing. Needing money and having a skill that should be marketable, Black began to advertise his new trade amongst the shadier elements of New York society.


  1. I like a character with a well thought out past. Excellent portrayal, Blackjack. I hope to see you in Deadwood before the reset.

  2. Thanks Cici. I look forward to meeting you insim.