Monday, January 18, 2010

The Death of BlackJack Landar

In an earlier post, I mentioned that BlackJack was going to be killed as a way to end his storyline and make way for the new Black after the restart. As a quick aside I have purchased a new avie for Black from DarkDharma. I settled on the Dandy avatar. It is no where as intimidating as the one Black is currently using, which came from TRAUM. The Dandy is one of main protaganists in the Bedazzle production of Golden Spurs, Silver Bells.

Back to the main point of this post. I will be posting updates of the progress of the rp as it unfolds and as I have time to get on here to type it. Not always so easy with job, family, etc., etc.....

A few weeks ago, Black was in the Gem having a drink when he was approached by a man who claimed that DanteDemon Densmith had a couple wagon loads of whiskey that he planned to use to undercut Blacks monopoly of the liquor trade. BlackJack came across Densmith at the Bella Union a week later. Black, being a man who meets trouble head on, confronted Densmith. Mr. Densmith denied the charge, but made some veiled threats.

This past week BlackJack had went to the Bella Union. A young man approached him and began a conversation. Suddenly out of the blue, the man pulled a gun he had hidden and fired at Black.
BlackJack returned fire, as did several other patrons. The result was the young man died and Black took a bullet in the leg. Miss Dio, now Mrs. Bogartus, treated the wound. Black is now healing up from his wound and has taken the extra precaution of carrying a double barreled shotgun with him wherever he goes. BlackJack suspects that Densmith may have had a hand in the attempted assassination, but Black has many enemies from his days in New York. Once his leg is healed, he plans to start eliminating his enemies. One by one.


  1. I sure would appreciate a head's up on this rp, Blackjack. It's pretty rare for a major character to die and this sounds like a fantastic story. So if you can toss a few hints my way as the time grows near, Cici might just have to visit Deadwood...*grins*

    I enjoy your blog as well. Keep writing!

  2. Thanks CiCi. I will let you know when things are coming close to an end.