Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Builders in Second Life

I really, really admire builders in Second Life. Mostly because I can't build worth a damn. Oh sure I can create prim boxes and shape them a bit. However, when I get done with them the object I am trying to make looks like a piece of rebar that the Hulk decided to make a twistie tie out of.

Some of my fellow bloggers are great builders, Marrant Vita, Astolat Dufaux, Master Glendevon, Addison Leigh. They all have one thing in common I think. The eye of an artist. An artist can look at a canvas, or chunk of marble, well you name whatever material and they will see the object in it. Then they bring that object out. The level of detail that can be found in the items these folks build is truly impressive.

So, to you who create the items that I and many others who are building deficient, my hat is off to you. And I for one want to thank you for the creating the objects that we use as we explore and play in Second Life.

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