Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Deadwood Restart / What, or Who shall I be?

The Deadwood sim in Second Life is going to do a restart in late March of this year. Others, like my good friends Marrant Vita and Dio Kuhr have already expounded on this subject and have done a very good job of describing what it is all about.

Many of us are trying to decide what or who we should be. Now, we are not going to play actual historical people. Rather we will base our characters on real people or several real people. BlackJack, in the current Deadwood is a murderer, plain and simple. I came up with the BlackJack character in order to help another roleplayer in the sim. The idea was Black would be the number 2 man to the self proclaimed crime lord of Deadwood. But I digress, BlackJack was based not so much on real life characters as on fictional ones. The idea was to create a villian who could and would kill without mercy or remorse. It was also my plan to have this character be the best bad man that I could create. I am pleased and more then a little troubled that Black turned out to be a very good bad guy. Pleased, because playing a villian is difficult, especially if you want the character to survive more than a few months. Troubled, because I found some really dark places inside me that was brought out in BlackJack.

In any case, BlackJack is going to die. The rp leading up to his end has already begun and will play out over the next month or so. This will make it clear to everyone when we do the restart that the new BlackJack Landar is not the same character. I have also purchased a new avatar so that his appearence will be different. So, with a new avatar and the old character dead, what or who shall BlackJack Landar be? I am leaning toward a lawman/outlaw type. More than a few lawmen worked on both sides of the law and order fence. I have some time to finalize my plans and ideas. BlackJack will likely not be in at the beginning of the restart, but will be in a few weeks or months later. I do have another alt that will be there at the beginning, because Black's typist is not going to miss the restart for any thing.

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  1. Daggone, Blackjack is going to be missed... are you sure you won't reconsider? There's just nobody like him .... :(